20 Years of Real Estate Industry Wisdom from Every Mann’s

For over 20 years, Alan Mann has been a prominent figure in the real estate scene of Queens, specifically in areas familiar to him since his early life in Elmhurst. Mann’s deep knowledge of local homes, combined with his extensive experience, has led him to create a series of bite-sized video insights into the industry, dubbed “Every Mann’s Real Estate”.

“I’ve had a close relationship with every brick in Elmhurst, Forest Hills, Kew Gardens, and Briarwood from the outside, and now I’m familiar with them from the inside,” stated Mann. “After hundreds of transactions, it’s clear I’ve sold many of the houses in these areas, and more notably, I’ve probably sold numerous co-ops in each building.”

Mann, like many of his fellow New Yorkers, appreciates his neighborhood’s accessibility to public transit. He has lived in a rent-stabilized apartment for four decades, and doesn’t own a home. “The ability to walk instead of driving every day in Forest Hills, Rego Park, and Kew Gardens is something I can’t imagine living without.”

Mr. Mann has led two different careers – he first spent 20 years as a traveling shoe sales representative, then the same amount of time in real estate. Neither job provided a consistent income, so he has always depended on his ability to secure commission to sustain his livelihood. His wife, who sadly has a rare disability and hasn’t been able to work for several years.

Mann emphasized the importance of living frugally, given the unpredictability of his income, “Failing to live within your means in such an unstable profession would be unwise,” he remarked.

After leaving his job in shoe sales, Mann dabbled with job applications for several months before his wife brought him a pamphlet advertising a real estate course provided by adult education classes.

His decision to take the class seriously and absorb as much knowledge as possible set him on the path to success. Today, Mann is an employee of national real estate giant Douglas Elliman, where he continues to focus on residential sales in the suburban areas of Queens that he holds dear.

Mann acknowledged that he won’t be the top agent at Elliman due to the nature of the area he works in, “I handle transactions for studio flats priced at around $100K, while other brokers deal with multi-million-dollar properties in the city or Hampton’s.”

Mann expressed the satisfaction that comes from his job, noting how it ties him to the communities he works with. “This business can be unpredictable, but it’s also incredibly rewarding,” he noted, “finding someone their perfect home forges a bond that lasts a lifetime.”

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