$350M Class Action Lawsuit by Miami Lawyers Against Eddy Alexandre, Seventh Day Adventist Church

Legal professionals in Miami are instigating a class action lawsuit worth $350 million against Eddy Alexandre and the Seventh Day Adventist Church, alleging their involvement in a malicious Ponzi scheme with Eddy Alexandre and EminiFX. The lawyers, representing a group of approximately 62,000 misguided Haitian American investors, argue that these individuals were manipulated into participating in the plot by trusted pastors and evangelicals. The lawsuit argues that these fraudulent acts were motivated by a disregard for their victims’ faith, vulnerability, and financial security.

Filed on April 25, 2023 and titled ‘Lorfils Joseph v. General Conference Corporation of the Seventh Day Adventist Church’, the case encompasses claims from over 50 Haitian Seventh Day Adventist Church pastors who aided Eddy Alexandre in swindling over $300 million from the aforementioned investors.

Eddie Alexandre was detained by the Federal Bureau of Investigation on May 12, 2022, in Nassau County, New York, and was subsequently found guilty of wire and commodities fraud on February 12, 2023. He surrendered $248 million of the misappropriated investment funds to the government of the United States, given the fraudulent intent behind his acquisition of these funds. Despite the widespread involvement of other individuals in the plot, only Alexandre has been detained and charged to date. This case is an effort to hold Eddy Alexandre and his unindicted accomplices liable.

In comments relayed by a local New York newspaper, attorney Wil Morris emphasised that these actions were calculated, preyed upon people’s faith and vulnerability, and should not go unpunished. Another attorney on the case, Ralph Francois, who himself is of Haitian American descent, asserted the widespread nature of this fraud and the culpability of Alexandre’s co-conspirators.

The lawsuit points the finger not only at Eddy Alexandre and EminiFX but also implicates other co-conspirators, numbering in the dozens, which includes approximately 100 Adventist churches, individual pastors from various states and Alexandre’s wife, the Chief Financial Officer for EminiFX. It also named both the General Conference Corporation of the Seventh Day Adventist Church (GCC) and the Florida Conference of the Seventh Day Adventist church.

Those who suffered financial damage and would like to participate officially as members of the class action should reach out via [email protected]. Interested parties can get to know more about the case via an email to [email protected], and more information on attorneys can be found at www.Morrislegalfla.com.

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