Haitian Diaspora: The Sole Winner at Jamaican Summit

The journey began two years ago at the Louisiana Summit, where Haitian Diaspora members, under the stewardship of the Haitian Diaspora Political Action (HDPAC) Committee, organized the inaugural, and thus far only, Summit in Baton Rouge, Louisiana. The aim was to create a safe space for adversaries to reconcile their dispute and find a resolution. Despite differing opinions, the Louisiana Summit proved successful. It laid the groundwork for the Haitian Diaspora to persist in their pursuit of an inclusive solution that amplifies the voices within the Diaspora.

This roadmap was furthered through the Haitian Diaspora’s participation in the Jamaica Summit, from June 10-13 in Kingston, Jamaica. The Summit was planned by CARICOM, a regional international organization of which Haiti is a member. Representing the Haitian Diaspora was the Coalition Des Organizations de la Diaspora (COODAH), who was invited by CARICOM.

With Pierre Raymond Andre, the organization’s president, at the helm, the Haitian Diaspora once again made their voice heard, loud and clear. The Haitian civil society and numerous facets of Haiti’s political framework understand that a solution can’t be reached without the involvement of the Haitian Diaspora. The Jamaica Summit proved a commendable attempt at creating a sustainable plan to reroute the nation’s current course. The Haitian Diaspora directed the attention towards a viable solution, rather than a blame game. COODAH’s president, Mr. Pierre Andre, eloquently articulated the vision of the Haitian Diaspora for Haiti.

According to the President of COODHA, during his keynote to the summit attendees: “We would like to extend our gratitude to the Organizing Committee of CARICOM for the invitation, the opportunity for all sectors of national life, especially the Haitian Diaspora, to convene at this table for an honest, transparent, and truthful dialogue that may lead to a consensus for resolving Haiti’s crisis.”

Amidst the crisis, the Haitian Diaspora, via their representatives, put forth these proposals:

  • Decommissioning the armed troops in the country.
  • Forming the Provisional Electoral Council (CEP) with the involvement of the Diaspora.
  • Bolstering the Armed Forces of Haiti (FAd’H) and the National Police of Haiti (PNH).
  • Creating an extensive program of societal appeasement to ease the suffering of the populace.
  • Setting up an Advisory Council, inclusive of Haitian Diaspora members in collaboration with the Government, to effectuate the desired constitutional amendment by all sectors.
  • At the present, the Haitian Diaspora must unify its efforts and power under the direction of CADDOAH to warrant a consistent message. Unity is imperative, and all Haitian Diaspora organizations are encouraged by this report to stand united for Haiti. It’s time to set aside all personal interests and concentrate on Haiti’s best interests.

    Led by Dr. Georges J. Casimir, HDPAC set the precedent. Now, the Haitian Diaspora can rely on COODAH, supervised by a younger generation, to carry on the legacy established by the older generation.

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